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Cairo Anti-slip Bath mat
From $26.97
White Cairo Anti-slip Bath mat Anthracite Cairo Anti-slip Bath mat Savannah Cairo Anti-slip Bath mat Blue Cairo Anti-slip Bath mat + 1 more

1 review
New Plus Rug
From $48.26
White New Plus Rug Natural New Plus Rug Silver New Plus Rug Fog New Plus Rug Magnetic Grey New Plus Rug Linen New Plus Rug Storm New Plus Rug Taupe New Plus Rug Black New Plus Rug Chocolate New Plus Rug Blossom New Plus Rug Aruba New Plus Rug Cooper New Plus Rug Camellia New Plus Rug Misty Lilac New Plus Rug Mustard New Plus Rug Nude New Plus Rug Pale Gold New Plus Rug Aqua New Plus Rug Marsala New Plus Rug Petrol New Plus Rug Baltic New Plus Rug MayFly New Plus Rug Dark Denim New Plus Rug Deep Baltic New Plus Rug + 22 more
New Plus Bath mat
White New Plus Bath mat Natural New Plus Bath mat Silver New Plus Bath mat Fog New Plus Bath mat Magnetic Grey New Plus Bath mat linen New Plus Bath mat Storm New Plus Bath mat Taupe New Plus Bath mat Black New Plus Bath mat Chocolate New Plus Bath mat Blossom New Plus Bath mat Aruba New Plus Bath mat Cooper New Plus Bath mat Camellia New Plus Bath mat Misty Lilac New Plus Bath mat Mustard New Plus Bath mat Nude New Plus Bath mat Pale Gold New Plus Bath mat Aqua New Plus Bath mat Marsala New Plus Bath mat Petrol New Plus Bath mat Baltic New Plus Bath mat MayFly New Plus Bath mat Dark Denim New Plus Bath mat Deep Baltic New Plus Bath mat + 22 more
New Plus Kimono Bathrobe
White New Plus Kimono Bathrobe Natural New Plus Kimono Bathrobe Silver New Plus Kimono Bathrobe Linen New Plus Kimono Bathrobe Storm New Plus Kimono Bathrobe Taupe New Plus Kimono Bathrobe Chocolate New Plus Kimono Bathrobe Aruba New Plus Kimono Bathrobe Mustard New Plus Kimono Bathrobe Nude New Plus Kimono Bathrobe Marsala New Plus Kimono Bathrobe Petrol New Plus Kimono Bathrobe MayFly New Plus Kimono Bathrobe Dark Denim New Plus Kimono Bathrobe Deep Baltic New Plus Kimono Bathrobe + 12 more
New Plus hooded bathrobe
White New Plus hooded bathrobe Natural New Plus hooded bathrobe Silver New Plus hooded bathrobe Linen New Plus hooded bathrobe Storm New Plus hooded bathrobe Nude New Plus hooded bathrobe Dark Denim New Plus hooded bathrobe Cooper New Plus hooded bathrobe + 5 more
Crystal Rug
Deep baltic Crystal Rug Mustard Crystal Rug Silver Crystal Rug Natural Crystal Rug + 1 more

1 review

"Sorema Bath Fashion is a brand with Portuguese roots guided by a dedicated team with unparalleled textile experience. With a sustainability-focused approach and design-driven mindset, our brand develops sophisticated collections that combine design and quality, providing bath products with simple lines that provide comfort and aesthetics. Our journey began in 1964 with our mother company, Sorema, the oldest carpet production company in Europe. Over the years we have grown in experience, knowledge and tradition, with a team committed team of experts that has allowed us to expand our product lines and made Sorema one of the most prestigious manufacturers of bath textiles in the world. Our many years of knowledge have allowed us to experiment with techniques and designs to perfect our products That's why only the best fibers and manufacturing techniques are used in our products: to ensure they're not just stylish, but durable, safe and comfortable."